Sunday, April 1, 2012

How to satisfy people??

Well, think this question all also been asking.. Even I also wish I knew... Most hard and I think all would agree is satisfying the opposite sex. Which I seriously have a problem.. Here's my story and u tell me how...

There was this girl which I'm very interested in. And she even knew.. At first things look promising.. Always hang out, message n stuff.. But out of a sudden things become super cold.. Messages will only be replied after more than half a day.. N the reason u always get is I'm asleep and my phone hang.. Hey, i message you at work and u tell me u sleep at work n magically move to your bed so awake only reply?? And also always just my messages ur phone got hang when everytime go back or was with you will be busy messaging others without a problem of hang??

Not to mention hate me for talking bad about her?? Hey, can't blame me when people ask me where are you I say your out with some other people.. How does it feel when each time people ask me is it I go out with u because they know you went out, when I was staying at home waiting for your phone hang to be fix to try even asking you out?? It kinds of make me look stupid when they keep asking me the same question each time..

But worst part is still not satisfy.. Must make people think I'm the bad guy here.. So is it by making a fool out of me only will satisfy u?? Well, bravo, u have done a great job in that.. But also thanks to that im awake now n hopefully will stay awake.. No doubt there is a mixture of feelings for u but I will do my best to put in more of the negative feelings n thinking from now on..

So people wish me luck!!