Sunday, April 1, 2012

How to satisfy people??

Well, think this question all also been asking.. Even I also wish I knew... Most hard and I think all would agree is satisfying the opposite sex. Which I seriously have a problem.. Here's my story and u tell me how...

There was this girl which I'm very interested in. And she even knew.. At first things look promising.. Always hang out, message n stuff.. But out of a sudden things become super cold.. Messages will only be replied after more than half a day.. N the reason u always get is I'm asleep and my phone hang.. Hey, i message you at work and u tell me u sleep at work n magically move to your bed so awake only reply?? And also always just my messages ur phone got hang when everytime go back or was with you will be busy messaging others without a problem of hang??

Not to mention hate me for talking bad about her?? Hey, can't blame me when people ask me where are you I say your out with some other people.. How does it feel when each time people ask me is it I go out with u because they know you went out, when I was staying at home waiting for your phone hang to be fix to try even asking you out?? It kinds of make me look stupid when they keep asking me the same question each time..

But worst part is still not satisfy.. Must make people think I'm the bad guy here.. So is it by making a fool out of me only will satisfy u?? Well, bravo, u have done a great job in that.. But also thanks to that im awake now n hopefully will stay awake.. No doubt there is a mixture of feelings for u but I will do my best to put in more of the negative feelings n thinking from now on..

So people wish me luck!!

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

~Heat till the tip!!~

To follow the rules or not to follow the rules.. Here are the Pro & Cons

Follow Rules= Pro is that all will go smooth at the end of the day and there will be no complain from the guest or management. Cons is that you will have alot of inside enemies, people will start talking bad about you behind your back. Until you are left alone with nothing but a bad name..

Do Not Follow Rules= Pro is that you wont be so stress cause you wouldn't care less. People will talk less behind your back because your not strict to them. So less enemies. Cons is that there might be complaints from various people if the job is undone.

So it kinds of piss me off when day by day more and more bad things that I heard that are being said about me. I have to admit that I'm a very strict person and will try my best to follow the rules. But hey, what does it end up into, lots of unwanted gossips on me. But little do they know that I have help avoid any of us from getting any lecture from management and stuff. Who am I to say since they always add salt n pepper. and usually it hurts me more when some people just asked me to care less and close my eyes on them. Even hurts me even more when I'm being make the bad guy for things I didn't do or have tried to fix.

Really make my blood boiled to the max these past few weeks. I have tried to cool down and have tried to resolve by having 2 parties talking in front of each other to settle the problem. End up at the back I got a bullet shot that I'm doing the wrong thing because I didn't investigate properly. Haiz..

People been saying I look older since I came here to work. But how would one not when putting so much on my own shoulder. I love here and always wanted whats best but it seems that alot of people tend to think I should put people feelings over work.

Not to mention the person I care about, always trying to cover for her believe what others says and kind of put me as a bad guy profile also. But than this is life, people will remember your mistakes n others opinion on you than any good deed you have done.

So from now on I will try my best to be the Care Less person. Will not cover or try to protect any shit for anyone from now on. If I die, I will make sure you all die with me. Since its the way that you all wanted it to be.

Bottom line is I'm really boiling now. Wanted to just climb out the mountain or at the seaside and shout my heart out but unable so can only write it down. It does helps cure alittle only but hey, its better than nothing.

So hope the next time I'm writting again will not be so piss off things and happy things for me to share.. Avouir and good luck to my self.

Friday, December 2, 2011

Its Been A While

Wow.. more than a year has past since i last updated. not bad.. hehe..

well, there is too much happening all these times but who cares, we live for the future not the past aint i correct. so now i'm in singapore!!! could say this is the longest full time job i had but i like what i'm doing now. learning alot all these times.

so new place new people new friends new life. so far so good. been working here more than 6 months and never once look back. nothing much to say also. too long no blog so cant really start story telling. "forgotten the emo story telling styles, XD "

so that is for now people..

Merci Beaucoup.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

BA Soceity AGM 2010

Yesterday was our BA Society AGM 2010. A new set of committee have been chosen. got to admit i'm disappointed i din get the chairman post but at least i know the reason why. now have to focus on coming test and make sure i can continue so that can continue with BA Society. btw, i got the vice chairman post. so cheers to me

Sunday, July 11, 2010


well well, since coming to UTAR i have not willy go and attend any event..but this sem so far i have been to 4 events already.. haha.. talking bout events marathon.

Namely Chines Orchestra Night, Buddhist Night, Fate Musical and Bash Party..

all are good events except for the Bash Party, surprisingly is boring. they do try to make it like a clubbing type but maybe only newbies will enjoy those musics that are direct from CD..haha.. they got so much money should at least hire a DJ. only good part is that they did hire a band from outside so can see profesionals. xD

too bad i oni took pics from Bash Party. xD

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Its Been Awhile

so long since i last post something. well, seems like i have forgotten how to blog also. xD

alot of things happen both good and bad but i think i wont start writing grandmothers story here. so no worries.

now i'm still studying in UTAR. success in my 2nd appeal.. for this i have delete my PPS and games, but seems like facebook is still a problem. lucky for me my line is always bad. haha

well, donno why but alot of people have been asking me why am i still single.. answer is simple.. no one wan me o.. haha.. its hard to get into a relationship when your looking for long term and not like last time. so its hard to choose and decide, one got to know the person long enough first. i do have wanted to try go for some gals but its all only "tepuk sebelah tangan" haha...

well, tats all so far for me. will be heading back to my studies. au voir

Sunday, April 11, 2010

This happen last friday in UTAR kampar.. FBF Night.. to me is consider a success as i get more positive feedback than negative. lucky it all when well except for a few things only. but i do think that most of the people have a good time which i like.

not to forget went back to KK and go MOVIDA with some people. its a fun experience. highly recomend this club to others. but maybe its too tired i oni drink like 2 cups. haha